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    August 13, Sunday

    August 13, Sunday

    How did you fall in love with him? 
    I don't know, we were talking...

                                      August 13, Sunday 09:08 PM

        He started first with a very long sentence. And that finally stunned me.            
    -But are you really staying in Bulgaria, tell me because I would like to meet someday and how you will feel and I hope you have finished your work dear.

      I read it. Then again. I read it several times. And I was surprised. How can it be written like that? Apparently it can. I replied that I am from Bulgaria, that I will stay here, always. He fell silent. Did not answer.
      Later I start first. I can't wait to find out what he wants to talk about. It is already late in the evening.

                               -Hello! What do you want to talk about? Let's talk about your fan page sitting there, empty and unfinished.
    - I'm here my dear I don't know if you could help me?
    - I don't know if you could help me. I'm a little short on money for part of my new project. They are not enough for me.

       Ooh-oh-oh,...What was that about? It started very early. That's what that "my dear" was about. But I kept my composure. I wanted to know what it was all about.
                              - I'm sorry, but this is frivolous of you. To help each other, yes, but in another direction, for example intellectual.
       Silence. Reflection. He thinks, so do I. I decided to start. I offered him a possible solution, at length, described and explained, finally summarized:
                              - I hope I was useful to motivate you tonight. I can also help you if you want, intellectually of course. Give serious thought to this question.
    Prolonged silence.
                              - Why are you silent? Don't you like my suggestion? I can't think of anything else.
    Another long silence.
                            -The morning is wiser than the evening. If you want, write me tomorrow. A very successful project can be obtained. Good night!
    Long silence again. And suddenly his message appeared:
    - Ok I'll be with you tomorrow, I'm working on my computer now, I love you.
    Wow! What a surprise! What nonsense! Where did you come up with that? So fast? I admit, the last words of the sentence were music to my ears.

                             - You agree, right, even if nothing works, we won't die if we try.
       I regret writing this. It has a double meaning. It's ambiguous. What should we try? How did he know that?

       No answer. I didn't know if he took my advice or not. That's why I wrote again.

                              - I'm not sleeping, if you're afraid you'll wake me up, don't. If you have something to write to me, do so.

       Apparently he needs time. Let him think, reflect, consult someone if he needs to. Why should he trust me, I am a stranger to him. I'm sorry I can't look him in the eye.
       Because eye contact is the door to the heart. Have you ever looked into the eyes of a person you love and for a few seconds felt like you weren't there? Your brain works very hard to process the information it receives from your eyes. And when you get "lost" in someone else's eyes, your brain doesn't know what to do with that information.
      What babies and lovers have in common is that they make eye contact to form the emotional bond. Eye contact between lovers is done subconsciously. According to the researchers, this is a biological reality.
      I'll find out tomorrow.



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