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    August 12, Saturday

    August 12, Saturday

    How did you fall in love with him? 
    I don't know, we were talking...

                                     August 12, Saturday, 11:35 AM

    This day for us started almost at noon.              
    -Hi, Good morning, my dear. How are you doing?
                              -Thanks for asking. I am fine. I am expecting a young woman who needs my help. I hope I can help.                 
    - Yes my dear, Tell me where are you from.
       This is where I got a little lost. It's almost noon and he wishes me "good morning". Do we have a time difference? And he asks me where I'm from. I bombarded him with three messages, one after the other.
                                -Will you believe me if I tell you?
                                -But you have already seen everything in my profile.
                                -Please tell me what you plan to do with your Fb page? I want to help with something, even a little, like a new idea, for example.
       Much later I realized this "mistake" of mine. When he admitted that he doesn't like receiving many messages, one after the other. They disturbed him when he was working. They were distracting him. And this was the main reason he broke up with his longtime girlfriend. She bombarded him with messages when they were not together during the day.
       By the way, I used to do that too when he was offline, and I really wanted to share something with him.
                                -Oooh, it's's not the phone, it's the doorbell. I have to open. (this is me)
      He reluctantly but agreed with me, with only one word:                  
    - Ok.
    Is that all? Why didn't you finish your sentence? I don't like unfinished sentences. Don't leave the ending for me. And my armament is very highly developed. And there is no period, comma, the words are scattered like potatoes spilled from the bag. What was he thinking at that moment?
    But he continued to write. And he - three messages, one after the other. He was obviously thinking about something.                 
    -Can we talk more in private on Google chat?                 
    -Ok, can you download the Google chat application so we can talk more in private.                 
    - Are you here, my dear?
                              -I'm here. I need to focus. I'll be busy for about two hours.                 
    -Ok, my dear, But you can try to download the application Google chat. Why don't you click on this link so you can download the Google chat application?
       Oh my god, we've been texting for a few days now, and he's already calling me "my dear". This man seems extremely well-mannered, kind, gallant...My head is spinning! And something fluttered in my chest. It fluttered!
       After two hours I wrote to him:
                            -Hello! I'm here again. I finished a little early. The girl will only deal with her problem - I just showed her how to do it.                
    Those short sentences again. Why? She must have been texting me from her smartphone. I know it's quite awkward on the small keyboard. I do that too. But I didn't ask.
       Instructions, links, email addresses, trial calls followed, and we moved into another territory.
    The next day, of course.


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