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    Hello friends!
        Welcome, because you are my only friends.
       I hope you read what it tells about moments in my life, Lily's life! I'm Lily. And Lily expects you to share opinions, give advice, albeit belated, but good for those coming after us! Tips, recommendations or conclusions about what Lily did wrong. Let me be a starting point for the younger people who are now gaining experience.
        My wise father once gave me a piece of advice, saying that we should not start from the ground, but up from the table. He wanted to tell me that I could, using his experience, go very high! Not to repeat his mistakes, but to use his accumulated experience. But there was no one to listen. I entered my life forward by "error - trial". Thus I lost valuable time, missed the use of his almost half a century of experience.
        However, as I began, so I continued, in a "zigzag" fashion. So he told my mother, who was a clothing designer by profession. I am telling you what happened in my life. In non-consequential order of events. "Zig-zag". I will show you very few photos from my personal archive because I don't like to take pictures. The others are, you guessed it, from the free internet.
        Welcome friends!

    But actually I am not Lily.

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