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    Hello friends! I call you because the only friends I hope to read what narrated by moments of my life, the life of Lily! I'm Lily. And expect to share opinions, give advice, although late, but good for those who come after us! Advice, recommendations or conclusions about what I'm mistaken. Let me be the starting point for young people, who now gain experience. My wise father once, giving me advice, saying that we should not start from the ground up, and up from the table. He wanted to tell me that I can, using his experience to go from high! Do not repeat its mistakes and to use his experience. But there was no one to listen. I walked into your life forward in the "error - experience." So I lost valuable time, missed his use of almost half a century of experience. However, as I started, I will tell you "zigzag". So he told my mom, a seamstress by profession. And I told me what had happened. In neposledovatelet order of events. "Zigzag". I'll show you pictures from his personal archive.  Others are, you guessed it, the free Internet space.

    But actually I am not Lily.

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