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    August 11, Friday

    August 11, Friday

    How did you fall in love with him? 
    I don't know, we were talking...

                                            August 11, Friday

       And it began. One correspondence, every morning, at noon, every evening. And so until the end of August. It's the vacation month, isn't it? Then in September and October...On two different territories.             
     - Hello how are you doing today hope you are ok my dear can we talk too?
                              -Hello! Let's talk. What do you want to know? My profession has taught me to accept all challenges.            
    - How do you mean?
                             - Now you can guess what my profession is.
                        When we are faced with a crisis, it first of all negatively affects our mental well-being. And that, ironically, also helps us endure and survive the same crisis.
                       Then people with my profession come to help, who should help us so that we don't end up in even worse situations. For this reason, my profession is one of the most flourishing in recent times and looks even more promising in the future. Did you guess?
       I showered him with my words. After my outburst, he fell silent. I have been silent for more than half an hour. He must have thought: "Should I take this trouble on my head?" But I didn't let him think too much. I wrote to him again before he answered.
                      - Half an hour passed and you didn't answer me. Why? There are two possibilities for this behavior:
                        The first - you don't want to - that's understandable; or
                        The second - you postpone the answer for 1 hour, after 3 hours, for tomorrow, for a week later...
                        But procrastination is tantamount to giving up. Then you need my help. I'm a psychologist.
    I got a little carried away here, haven't I studied, and that's really what I do. And now he surprised me. I am silent for three whole hours. but I pressed him again, I wrote him again first.
                      -Sometimes you just have to change the way you look at things. That's exactly what I did a while ago.
    Silence. I didn't like that. After another three hours, late in the evening, he appeared.        
    - Hi, Good evening, my dear, how are you doing, hope you are ok.
             I was busy working all day if you are not busy we can talk?
                     -Hello, I just got home. I was at a friendly dinner in a restaurant. A very heartfelt farewell dinner. I am excited. Let's talk if you want. For what?
       I was actually at dinner with friends who were leaving the country. I told him the truth, I didn't lie to him.       
    -Ok hopefully you enjoyed yourself right
    What he meant by "proper" fun, I didn't understand. I answered evasively.
                      - But it's already too late. I'm not at work tomorrow, I'm on vacation this August. But whoever will be at work tomorrow will find it difficult. If it's something important?
        It was really late at night. It was nearing midnight. He fell silent and I wished him "Good evening". There must have been other expectations, but I failed them. But he didn't guess that tomorrow is Saturday. Maybe it wasn't his day off? Who knows...
         I will not hide that I did not like his behavior very much. If I had been busy with work during the day, I would have apologized and rescheduled our conversation for later. I would even set the exact time for it. But then I remembered that he is like any other man. And men are not as organized as us women.
      OK, I'll wait until the next day.  



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