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    First joint portrait of Prince William and his wife Kate

    Portrait of Britain's Prince William and his wife Kate is the first official portrait of the future King and Queen of the United Kingdom. And the first portrait of the two together since they were Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It should instill in viewers a sense of balance between their public and private lives.

    First joint portrait of Prince William and his wife Kate

    The Duke and Duchess made a special visit to Cambridge on Thursday (yesterday) to see a 210cm x 110cm oil painting by British artist Jimmy Courett. The picture shows the couple looking off into the distance. Prince William is in a dark suit and blue tie, and Kate is in the emerald green dress the Duchess wore on the 2020 trip to Dublin.

    "Excited to see this new picture presented in Cambridge today!" - can be read in the post on the official Twitter account of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

    During their visit, Kate and William met the artist Couret, with supporters of the project and Sybil Marshall, the wife of the late Sir Michael Marshall, who originally suggested the idea for the painting.

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