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    Magic in the heart of the Rhodope

    All of them fell in love with the magic of this Bulgarian whole in the heart of the Rhodopes!

    Magic in the heart of the Rhodope

    Rhodopian silence… and just a whisper on the flood,
    and in the valley there will be redops guides and bells on.
    Before looking at the bleeding eyes:
    green meadows, covered with carpets of flowers and herbs;
    thick mountains, great ones, but fulfilled with the rest…

    Magic in the heart of the Rhodope

    It is a wonderful Rhodopian whole in the very center of the mountain, keeping in mind the unique spirit of Old Bulgaria. Estimated through the distant 17th century, it preserved its nature, its history, its architecture, its music, and its place that separated it from the 100th national tourist sites. Here you will test the true hospitality of the Rhodopes, and you will find unique, authentic architecture and unspoiled, pure nature.

    Magic in the heart of the Rhodope

    The village of Wide Bow is proclaimed an architectural and folklore reserve. In Shiroka Luka, one can also see the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, built in 1834 and built by Dimitar and Zahari. Another concern is the National School of Folk Arts. The oldest Rhodope school will be located in the Lyulkata locality - near the center of Wide Harbor. Nikolay Yonkov Vaptsarov Elementary School has more than 185 years of history. On the first Sunday of March, every year, there is a whole house of puppets from the whole country for the traditional puppetry of Pentecost.

    Magic in the heart of the Rhodope

    The unique caves of the Devil's Throat, the Ice and the Jagodin Caves will be located not far from the Wide Bow. You may want to look at some of the finer notes of the head and the Momate.

    Magic in the heart of the Rhodope

    For the winter sports, the Wide Bow is a good starting point - the Pamporovo ski resort is only 12 km away, and in c. The closest is the nearest ski lift to Snezhanka Peak, about 6 km away. In c. Salts and c. Gels have ski trails, respectively 4 and 6 km. Many diverse tourist routes and routes start from the Wide Bow.

    Magic in the heart of the Rhodope

    And when the evening comes, it is still just so wonderful.

    Magic in the heart of the Rhodope

    You are sharing this beautiful Bulgarian whole with your friends!

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