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    Double wood sculpture

    People of art will never cease to amaze and inspire us with their unique works. That is how they express their attitude to the world around them. Some exhibits have reached us since ancient times and have not lost their originality at all. Why is this sculpture so amazing and unusual?

    Double wood sculpture

    Here is probably the most unusual wooden sculpture in the Salar Jung Museum in Hyderabad, India. It is carved from one whole piece of the most ancient Sycamore tree. Its peculiarity is that on the one hand a man, and on the other - a woman. She is known throughout the world as the “Double Statue of Mephistopheles and Margarita.” These are two characters from the famous Goethe drama “Faust”.
    Behind the double statue, a huge mirror was specially placed to see two images at the same time, and to be able to appreciate the impeccable craftsmanship of the author. If you stand directly opposite the statue, you can observe only the male part - the arrogant and evil Mephistopheles, frozen with a cynical smile on his face. But it is worth changing the viewing angle a little and stepping aside, as the reflection in the mirror will show the fragile, graceful, delicate Margarita with her head bowed and a prayer book in one hand. For anyone interested in this composition and would like to know the history of the statue, you should turn to the classics of world literature.
    Faust Goethe
    Scientists believe that Faust was a real German alchemist and sorcerer in the 16th century; and by all accounts, he gained magical knowledge with the help of the devil.
    The tragic play by Faust Goethe was published in two parts - the first part in 1808 and the second part in 1832. And immediately a literary legend exploring the age-old conflict between good and evil became a sensation.
    Her popularity grew thanks to the opera Gounod and Goethe's dramatic work adapted for the stage.
    Mephistopheles, who went to the theater, was widely covered in the press, and his devilish image was used to advertise such diverse products as Bitters, crackers and Player cigarettes.

    the most photographed sculpture

    This is probably the most photographed sculpture in the Salar Jung Museum. The sculpture, commonly known as the “Double Statue of Mephistopheles and Margarita,” is carved from a single sycamore sycamore. Created in the 19th century by an unknown French artist, she is one of the most photographed works of art in the collection.
    On the one hand, the arrogant, infamous Mephistopheles, who immediately inspires fear, if you just look into his cynically arrogant eyes. On the other, Margarita, she is innocent, like a small child, so the impure has no power over her. In this sculpture, such a simple and such complex meaning is the opposition of good and evil; and power, love and honor ... ..
    And this double statue is an exciting work of art, the complex workmanship of its creator is amazing.

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