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    Wall of Fame "199 Steps to Success"

    Theater 199 is a stage space on Rakovski Street in Sofia. He is affectionately told that it is a prestigious and cozy theatrical cellar in the center of Sofia, dedicated to chamber performances by contemporary authors. After the death of its longtime director Valentin Stoychev in 2007, the theater accepted his name. But let me introduce you to the space in front of him. And you will understand why I want to do it.
    The space in front of Theater 199 is an emblematic place for Sofia residents and guests of the capital Sofia. The reason is the Wall of Fame 199 Steps to Success. The footprints of some of the most famous Bulgarian artists played on the stage of the "sacral cellar" are immortalized on the first of its kind walk of fame in Bulgaria. The Steps Wall celebrated its 20th anniversary.

    "traces" by Stefan Danailov

    There are "traces" left by Stefan Danailov. A beloved actor from generations of Bulgarian audiences and all his students from the Theater Academy.

    Bright memory!

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