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    Theater 199

    Theater 199 was founded on June 12, 1965. It was named because of the 199 places it had at the time.
    It is located in a cozy basement in the center of Sofia. There is a chamber hall, which after a few renovations, for greater comfort of the visitors, has 169 seats.

    Theater 199

    The theater does not have a troupe of its own, and all creative teams, including directors and actors, who set and play "199" come together on a project basis. Some of the most elite directors have been cast on this stage, and dozens of iconic roles have played the most talented artists of their time.
    The monthly program is rich - adult performances start every night starting at 7:30 pm and in the summer from 8:00 pm. Traditionally, during the winter months, there are daily Sunday performances from 3 pm and every Saturday and Sunday there are performances for children from 11:30 am.
    The repertoire policy is aimed at presenting the works of contemporary authors to the Bulgarian audience, as well as creating performances of high artistic value. Works by famous European and world authors are also featured. Many performances have been proven in time - "Vagina Monologues" by Eva Ensler, "Evening Act" by AP Chekhov, "Duende" by Lorca, Rumyana Apostolova, "The Fisherman and His Soul" by Oscar Wilde, "The Old Woman by Calcutta "by Hanoch Levin," Pairing Simulator "by Joseph Scrimshaw," What Grandpa Made ... "by HK Andersen have been playing for over 10 years, Gogol's Shinel marks the 20th anniversary of the theater, and Andrei Batashov's one-man show "Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll" has been played over 700 times.
    The Bulgarian playwright is also paying serious attention.
    In 2015, Theater 199 celebrated its 50th anniversary and on this occasion was issued the Chronicle (June 1965 - May 2015), created by the theater expert Nikola Vandov and including introductory studios by Prof. Dr. Vasil Stefanov.

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