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    In a recent trip to Scotland, happened to pass along incredible hedges, which are set on the main road. This hedge was entered in the Guinness Book of Records as "the most high hedges in the world" - 30 meters, a length of 530 meters. Hedge consists of an unknown number of trees Beech. According to local sources this hedges trimmed at the top and re-measured every 10 years, this work is carried out by four men for 6 weeks.
    The trees were planted in 1745 and now officially recognized in the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest hedge in the world. According to local legend has two stories, a little different, how these unknown number of beech trees have grown so high.
    The first story tells that Jane and her husband Robert Murray planted trees in 1745 along the eastern border of their property as a windbreak. Soon after that Robert Murray goes to war, where died. His wife, Jane left the trees of the hedge to grow and to "reach unto heaven" in memory of her husband. The second story tells us that the owner of the estate, about whose borders planted hedge, did this with his son. Soon after, his son went to war, and his father vowed not to reduce the height of the hedge until his son returns. According to this version's son died in the war, and the hedge is left to grow freely.
    Any story to believe it a line of 30 meter tall beech trees longer than half a kilometer is an impressive sight and worth seeing if you ever travel in Scotland. And although the view is the most spectacular in autumn, the dimensions of this hedge makes impressive at any time of year.

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