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    About the name Georgе

    name Georgе
    The name George has Greek origin and can be translated as "farmer" (geo - earth, ergon - work). In Europe the name George began to gain popularity until the late 14th century when the Crusaders brought from Palestine story of the martyrdom of St. George and miracles performed. Nameday of George is celebrated on May 6, while the day is called St. George.
    In different countries the name George is found in more 33 different versions:

    Egor, Georas, Geordi, Geordie, Georg, George, Georges, Georgie, Georgio, Georgios, Georgiy, Georgy, Gheorghe, Giorgi, Giorgio, Giorgios, Giorgius, Goran, Gyorgy, Gyuri, Igor, Jerzy, Jiri, Jorgan, Jorge, Jorgen, Jurgen, Jurek, Jurik, Yorick, Yorik, Yurik and Ygor.

    St. George is the patron of Canada, Catalonia, England, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Montenegro, Portugal, Serbia, and the cities Istanbul, Ljubljana and Moscow.

    On their name day St. George Georgi, Gergana, Gergina, Gosho, ginkgo, Ganka, Gencho, Gancho, Gena, Bob, Yuri, Yuri ...

    Popular Bulgarian men named George. George is the most popular name in Bulgaria.

    Famous Bulgarian men named George are:
    George Benkovski-revolyutsiner;
    Georgi Rakovski - a revolutionary;
    Georgi Hristov - pop star;
    Kaloyanchev George - actor;
    Partsalev George - actor;
    Georgi Georgiev - Getz - actor;
    Mamalev George - actor;
    Cherkelov George - actor;
    Georgi Ivanov - astronaut;
    Georgi Parvanov - President of the Republic of Bulgaria;
    Georgi Asparuhov - Gundi - a footballer;
    George Velinov - Johnny - football;
    Georgi Iliev - Michael - football;
    Georgi Milchev - Goji - musician;

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