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    Ancient villa "Armira"

    Ancient villa "Armira"
    Ancient villa "Armira" - one of the richest Roman villas discovered on Bulgarian territory. As the vast area of the villa (about 1000 square meters), and its structure and decoration show that was created for a person with great features and luxurious. The spacious courtyard was surrounded by colonnades and in the middle there was a pool. Under the floors of the south are passed heating channels. Accommodation and yard were lavishly decorated. Found over 3000 architectural and decorative fragments large parts of the mosaic parts of colonnades, marble railings, wall coverings, frames and window bars, poles with the head of Hermes at the top and others. Because of its decoration villa Armira is extremely valuable treasure.

    Ancient villa "Armira"

    Antique villa was discovered during construction of the dam 1.5 km southeast of the square. "Ladzha" Ivaylovgrad. The archaeological excavations prove the existence of suburban villa of the Roman period in our land. Its name derives from the name of the little river "Armira", a tributary of the Arda River, near which was built villa.
    Villa "Armira" an impressive complex of residential and outbuildings. The living area includes a large patio surrounded by a gallery with a colonnade (t.nar.peristil) and pool (impluvium) in the middle. Around him are organized living quarters - dining room, kitchen, bedroom, chanya and others. The heating of the house is pursued by hypocaust - underfloor heating in the floor of the building is raised on columns of brick masonry or ceramic pipes, between which circulates warm air from specially built for this purpose outbreaks.

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