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    King Samuel

    Samuel (976 - 1014) was one of the most heroic Bulgarian rulers. Despite being crowned king in 997, he took over the country as early as 976, when his predecessor Roman voluntarily transmit the power. Samuel had a natural talent to manage. Very soon Bulgaria is spread over almost the entire Balkans, and only small parts of Greece and Thrace remaining under Byzantine rule. 

    Цар Самуил

    15 years, Samuel and the Byzantine emperor Basil II is prepared for the decisive battle between them, which burst in 1002. The army of the Byzantines was more experienced and able to force the Bulgarian troops to retreat inland. With its constant military attacks Samuel hoped it would succeed in forcing the Byzantines to sit at the peace table. 
    For 12 years, his tactics defended the independence of Bulgaria and do not allow Basil to reach the main Bulgarian cities. On July 29, 1014 Basil II organized a battle while Samuil was away. Achieved a crushing victory and captured and blinded 14,000 Bulgarian soldiers. For every 100 soldiers was a man with one eye to lead them. Samuel could not bear the type of the Bulgarian army and died on October 6, 1014.

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