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    Razgrad Town

    In the picturesque valley of the Beli Lom, cutting the city in two busy life flowed back in the ancient Thracians. Evidenced three prehistoric mounds, thirty mounds and archaeological finds in "Hisarlaka" east of Razgrad. Centuries later, on the ruins of a Thracian settlement, the Romans built a fortress Abritus strategic town name was connected with their bloody battle with the Goths in 251, in which the emperor himself died Trayan.


    Ot time derivative of this ancient civilization are now 835 (4 kg) of gold coins from the V century. This is the largest gold coin treasure in Bulgaria. Possession of local historical museum also Golden Pegasus collective findings from Thracian bronze reliefs and others. Prehistoric settlements and Thracian burial mounds in the vicinity of Razgrad testify that it is a strategic, administrative and economic center since ancient times. In the vicinity are the ruins of founded in I-st century BC ancient Abritus play an important role in the former Roman Empire. Razgrad retains its role as an important military and later a commercial and cultural center and within the Ottoman Empire.

    Clock Tower - Built in 1864 on the site of an old tower of XVIII century. 

    Clock Tower

    It differs from the other clock towers in the country with its curved cornices and dome roof, which it closer to the church architecture.

    Central garden around the clock tower is a nice place to relax and a beautiful evening.


    Sculpture Master Manol rises in the city center. According to legend, a master Manol was closed by the Turks in a tower, but the skilful hands had managed to forge wings and escape. So called master Manol Bulgarian Icarus. After this incident folklore takes us south to the village of Manole. According to another legend, a master Manol built inn near an ancient Roman road, and thus laid the foundations of the village. Manole is located in one of the most fertile regions in Bulgaria. Distance from Plovdiv to the village is less than 20 km.


    Another interesting object Square "Renaissance" is a soldier's monument to fallen soldiers of the Republic in the wars for national unification 1912 - 1918, and World War II 1944 - 1945 г.

    soldier's monument

    With incredibly beautiful bronze sculpture of St. George.


    Church "St. Nikolai Chudotrorets" - built in 1860 and reconstructed in 1903, it is one of the most impressive representatives of church architecture from the mid-nineteenth century. Located in a quarter "Varosha".


    Lily Fountain - One of the symbols of the city. 


    This is original and exquisitely made ​​cast iron sculpture of a girl in a classic style and is the only such female figure in Bulgaria.


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