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    Khan Asparuh

    Khan Asparuh is the founder of the First Bulgarian State, located along the Danube.
    He is the third son of Khan Kubrat, who inherited his part after the death of his father. Immediately after the reign began, he was involuntarily forced to fight the Khazars, who took advantage of the weakness of the Bulgarians after the division of the empire between the sons of the Khan after his death.

    Khan Asparuh

    In 679 he conquered Dobrudzha from Byzantium, after which the First Bulgarian State was founded. After the conquest, the Bulgarian army acted in alliance with the Slavs, as infantrymen. And then a peace treaty with Byzantium was signed.
    Which treaty was broken in 689, when Asparuh smashed to pieces the Byzantine army in Thrace. The reason for the attack was the campaign in Macedonia of Justinian II, aimed at the settlement of the Slavs in Asia Minor. Initially, Justinian II really succeeded in defeating the troops of Slavs and Bulgarians. Arriving in Thessaloniki, he displaced most of the Slavs. But on the way back, as they passed through the mountain passes of Thrace, he came across a Bulgarian army waiting for him, led by Khan Asparuh. Justinian II was defeated and barely escaped.
    Khan Asparuh's tomb is located on the banks of the Dnieper.
    It is supposed that the vanguard of his troops, headed by him, is ambushed. The noble aristocracy stood with its breasts in its defense, but they all fell defeated. And after them fell the khan.
    One of the inscriptions that can be read on the tomb of Khan Asparuh means "heavenly patron." Family jewels were found at his funeral, including a silver eagle.


    Perhaps this is the kinsman symbol of Khan Asparuh or his amulet. He may have been associated with this proud bird.

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