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    Two things that can destroy even the most beautiful relationships

    Two things that can destroy even the most beautiful relationships

        When people hear the word "love", they think it is an indestructible and holy feeling. With it, the couple overcomes all obstacles. It's a mutual feeling, isn't it? So they will both try.

        Such logic seems correct. For few, the question arises, what is the problem? From this arises the trap that leads people into a dead end. Relationships should be built on a completely different principle. But to begin with, let's look at two moments that exactly destroy your union:




        This is the first problem of our infatuation. What do we see before us? Nothing. We just fantasize and imagine. The whole essence of love is that everything in it is fiction. We are fascinated by what we come up with ourselves. We create some image, imagine some future events, etc.

        But is all this real? I think you also know from your own experience that everything is completely different. Yes, in the beginning, it can even last for years, you live like in a fairy tale. It seems to you that your happiness is endless. But rose-colored glasses sometimes get boring. We can't go with them 24/7. Taking them off, we notice that the person is completely different.

        At the same time, regardless of gender, we are always making things up. The woman thinks that after the first gifts, it will always be like this. And anyway, he's going to be a millionaire soon, and she discovered him while he was poor.

        The man thinks that she is the best housewife in the world, who will only take care of him and bring him snacks in bed. That's how she pleased him in the beginning. And her beauty? She is amazing.

        But in life it turns out that such things are just a bonus to make an impression. And such a euphoric state is when you want to do it. But we are adults and we understand that it is impossible to live like this all the time. We work, communicate with friends, with relatives and have some hobbies. Purely physically, we cannot support everything.

        Thus begins the first disappointment of our expectations. It turns out that our partner is not striving for anything. The sympathy disappears immediately and is not about to return.

        The time frames for each are different, but usually, it lasts no more than three years. The person then looks and endures, or leaves.




        And this is the second moment, which flows smoothly from the first. We are disappointed in our expectations, what do we do? That's right, we start tailoring our partner to our needs. Don't want to earn more? But I want it and I'm not about to give up, so go to work.

        People seem to change. Some renege on their promises, and others do not understand what they have come up with. During this stage, real chaos occurs in the relationship.

        It's been a while and it's kind of a shame to just go. Is it correct? They'll think I'm winded. And they start forcing each other.

        An impressive list immediately appears, how everything should be. It turns out that nothing suits them at all. Their entire relationship was based only on mutual sympathy. Was there any support other than primal instincts? Naturally, conflicts happen. The choice is either patience or separation. There can be no question of happiness.


    How not to be wrong?

        Everything is simple, you just have to grow up. It is not about the years in the passport, but in the head. Understand, relationships are not love or passion, they are much more. All emotions fade, it's a scientific fact. They are only needed until a child is created and raised. Nature does not think about the rest.

        But it just so happens that we are rational beings. We don't have to think about that alone. The family must have a solid foundation. And what basis does a couple have if only one thing connects them?

        I direct you to the most important conclusion. To create a healthy family, you need to carefully watch and analyze. Consider whether you fit?

        I'm sure we have sympathy for a huge number of people, even stars and popular artists. But we clearly understand that it is a waste of time. We have nothing in common. This is how it should be done in life.

        For the couple to last long, it should be checked for compatibility. If a woman dresses stylishly, uses expensive cosmetics and takes care of her figure, she is unlikely to be interested in a man with worn-out pants that bulge at the knees. Even if she somehow tripped a spark. They're just not compatible. They have a different perception of the world.

        It's another thing if a man also takes care of his appearance. I'm not even touching on the financial topic. Their hobbies and lifestyles require a certain level. Accordingly, they will be equal to each other. They won't be bored after the crush wears off. They are similar.

        This is just one of millions of possible examples. You don't have to repeat it exactly. Understand the principle. You require? Match it! Nothing more. Look at yourself, analyze, choose.

        If you include the brain in the creative process, you will begin to look at the world with different eyes. Of course, the temptation to put on the rose-colored glasses is great. But what does it give you? Another pain and disappointment. Think ahead. Sympathies stare but don't fantasize.

        Physical proximity is not the only basis for a strong relationship. Emotional intimacy is key. When partners stop sharing their thoughts, their dreams and their fears, the distance between them increases.

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