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    The spiritual poverty of man

    The spiritual poverty of man


        A spiritually poor person rarely reads. Or never. There are almost no books at home. He prefers to get rid of them in boxes next to the garbage cans, if he comes across any at all. He accepts them as waste materials. The poor in spirit is not ashamed of not reading. He finds no benefit in keeping a book, nor is he inclined to do so. He believes that the Internet gives you access to everything you need and there is no need to waste time reading. He also likes to say that he "read a lot back in the day."

    He's always right

        A spiritually poor person does not know how to fully communicate with others. Communication often creates an argument, and there's nothing wrong with that. As long as the argument is intelligent and reasoned. It is not by chance that people have said that truth is born in controversy. But few know how to argue politely and intelligently. A spiritually poor person interrupts, argues not with arguments, but with emotion, often allows himself to make offensive qualifications and show disrespect to his interlocutor. In addition, he is ready to form an opinion about someone according to his position on a certain issue - that is, if he does not agree with him, he instantly goes to the blacklist of traitors.

    Talking behind one's back is the norm

        Fakeness and hypocrisy are common human characteristics. They are mostly inherent in spiritually limited people. They will rarely dare to tell you the truth to your face, but on the other hand, they will not wait until they see your back to start the brainstorming. A spiritually poor person is not embarrassed to show different faces in different situations. Prefers to adjust according to conditions, but not to maintain one position or follow one line of behavior. Talking behind one's back is the norm. With such a person, you can never be sure if he is telling you the truth and what he really thinks about you. Maybe you should ask others.

    Life is on the internet

        A spiritually poor person spends almost all his time in front of a screen - on the phone, on the tablet, on the computer. Even when he's out with friends, his eyes are back on the screen. This type of person misses direct communication and is ready to exchange it for some gossip from the net or for aimless and mechanical browsing. A spiritually poor person does not appreciate what he has. Take things for granted. And so do people. He's willing to waste his time and end up having no memory of his day or the events of it because he wasn't actually involved in it all along.

    The street is a garbage can

        A spiritually poor person does not see beyond the circle of his own interests. He lives so that he is comfortable, without having to make any effort. He eats the waffle and drops the wrapper from his hand. He drinks his coffee and drops the cup on the street on the way. Whether or not there's a trash can two steps away. This same spiritually poor person often complains about the "coop" in which we live, curses the state and the rulers, but in fact, with his every action, he is the one who contributes to this "coop". Because we are the country. This spiritually poor person will not clean up after his dog. She'll let him do his sandbox work in the playpen without batting an eye. If you make a remark to him, you will get a nagging retort or an excuse that the dog is not his. A spiritually poor person is not interested in anything or anyone outside of his own personal well-being.

     Envy, criticism, hatred are the pillars of life

         A spiritually poor person does not know how to enjoy other people's success and happiness. Sometimes people mistake him for a compassionate soul because he sympathizes with those in trouble. If you think about it, though, he's actually gloating over someone else's misfortune. A much finer soul is required to feel sincere joy at another's happiness. And patting someone on the shoulder when someone is suffering can be done by anyone. Envy and hatred are not alien to the spiritually poor person. It is woven from bitterness towards the world and towards oneself. Dissatisfied with his own life, he takes his dissatisfactions out on others. When he criticizes you, he doesn't do it with care and positive motives, he only wants to undermine your self-esteem and break you down mentally. Such people are not happy and deserve our pity. The reason may be rooted back in time or simply part of the character. In any case, if you notice similar signs in someone around you, stay away.

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