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    Signs that he doesn't love you anymore


    Signs that he doesn't love you anymore


        His behavior speaks for itself. Your partner's actions often speak louder than words. "I will always love you and you are the woman of my life" were words he told you at the beginning of your relationship, but which you stopped hearing a long time ago. Your partner's behavior can tell you much more about their feelings than their words. Unfortunately, his body language, his reactions, and his attitude towards you may suggest that he doesn't love you anymore and that he may even be on the verge of leaving you.

     He needs more space

        Do you remember how much time you used to spend together? You were not separated from each other. You couldn't get enough of your company. Your friends have accused you of neglecting them because you haven't given them any time in months. Now, however, your partner has started pulling away from you, demanding more time and space alone. Obviously, he doesn't feel the desire to be around you like he used to. This is one of the first signals that his love is not the same.


    He has stopped doing things for you or is passive-aggressively doing them just because he is expected to

        In the beginning, when a man is in love, he does not need to be prompted to do something for his beloved partner - he just does it with great desire. However, if you now feel that you have to make him do something, or he does it himself, but with a passive aggression that tells you that he is extremely uncomfortable, this is a bad sign of a lack of feelings, even hatred.

     He has lost interest in keeping in touch with you

        When a person is in love and has something to share, the first thing he does is call his loved one, his partner and share the news. It used to be like that with you, but it's not anymore. He doesn't need to tell you anything at all. For hours, even a whole day, he may not text or call you, and when you call him in irritation, he explains that he has a lot of work and does not know what time it is.

     Even the way you fight has changed

        When your partner doesn't love you anymore, he will act sarcastic, undermine your self-esteem, use your well-known weaknesses to hurt you. This was far from the case at the beginning of your relationship because you loved each other or at least he certainly loved you.

     He has stopped responding to your attempts to get back together

        A man who has lost his love for a woman has no desire to try to respond to her invitations to improve the relationship. When a person doesn't love their partner, it's normal to not want to do and try to fix what's broken. The answer to your question lies in his reactions.

     You feel like you're tiptoeing around it

         If you still have feelings for him and he doesn't, your feeling of communicating with him is like stepping on toes. You don't want to provoke his anger, you don't want to hear another reproach to yourself, you don't want to have the same arguments over and over again. Therefore, you have learned exactly what to keep silent, what not to say or what questions not to ask, so as not to provoke a wave of irritation in your partner.



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