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    Don't humiliate yourself for anyone's love

    Don't humiliate yourself for anyone's love

        Love should be naturally shared. If you try to win her, attract her, if you beg for her, it is humiliating and is always doomed to failure. Even if you think you have won the man's attention, it is probably temporary and certainly not due to sincere love that he feels for you. You don't want to be loved out of pity, or a man to be with you out of guilt or embarrassment, for example? How do you build a family out of inconvenience or for the wrong reasons?

        Love should be beautiful, sincere and above all shared. But sometimes one forgets these things and clings to a relationship that no longer has a future.

        Here are the sure signs that you are humiliating yourself for the love of the man next to you:


    You are willing to do anything to keep your partner

        No matter how he treats you, you swallow and put up with it just because you're afraid of losing him. Is it worth it?


    You tolerate violence

        You put up with even mental or physical abuse on you. You remain silent and imagine that it is your fault. In fact, this is a very serious and deep topic that could hardly be analyzed here in a few lines, so we ask you, dear ladies, if you are a victim of domestic violence of any kind, to seek help. And no, it's not your fault!


     You are silent so that there will be peace

        You know your partner is wrong, but you keep quiet so as not to anger them or cause a scandal. However, in doing so, you undermine your dignity.


    You settle for little

        A hundred times he acts mean to you, once he gives you a flower and tells you he loves you, and that's enough. No, it's not enough. Don't humiliate yourself because of someone's handouts. You deserve so much more. Repeat it to yourself! You are a worthy, smart, brave and beautiful woman. You don't deserve a man like that.


    Relationship is the meaning of life for you

        Don't let yourself lose your identity around your partner. Don't neglect your goals and dreams. Don't lose your identity because your life simply ceases to have purpose and direction and meaning and value outside of the relationship.


    You threaten to hurt yourself

        If your partner wants to break up with you and you start telling them that you will kill yourself if they do, you have a serious problem. If he stays with you for such a reason, will it be out of love? And how long will such a relationship last? Don't beg for love, don't humiliate yourself, and don't lose yourself in the relationship.


    You are always available

        Whenever he calls you, you are on the line. And not because you have no other plans, but because you drop everything else and run to the man. There is nothing more harmful than that. How could you attract his attention if you give the impression that you have no life outside of him and that you are always and at any time available as soon as he calls you.

        Respect yourself so that others will respect you. Love yourself so that others will love you. No one wants to be around a person without self-confidence, without qualities, without ambitions.

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