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    August 9, Wednesday

    August 9, Wednesday

    How did you fall in love with him? 
    I don't know, we were talking...

                                          August 9, Wednesday

       Why with strangers? It is much easier with them, they understand me much better without making any qualifications for me. It turns out that meeting new people is getting easier. And finding the ideal partner in life - more and more difficult!
       And suddenly I wish I had a gun, no, I'd rather have a Kalashnikov assault rifle. And not let it go from my hands until I've fired all of its hundred rounds.
       This is a sign of anger, from the point of view of psychology. Anger at everything and everyone around me.
       Wondering how I know this? I teach psychology.
       But I manage to control my anger. And calmness comes over me.
       And suddenly you appeared. Completely accidentally. I didn't look for you. You found me. And in the evening he asked me:
          - Hi, how are you doing today? Hope you are ok my dear. Can we talk too?
         Now I miss those words of yours. I miss them a lot. A little later I guessed that you are not who you say you are. But that's another topic. And money is another matter. I will not write about them because I will be verbose and boring.
        On Facebook Messenger you once asked me, "What is love?" Do you remember? And I have shared in detail my understanding of this complex feeling. And I will write it to you again and again so that you understand how important it is to have an understanding of love in your life.
        The truth is that life is meaningless without love. If you go all the way through it without falling deeply in love, your life is empty. It's a must try. Because if we haven't tried, it's like we haven't lived.
        A love appears and life becomes a wonderful fairy tale, but the ending is not always good. Because sooner or later love, like an illusion, disappears.       



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