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    August 8, Tuesday

    August 8, Tuesday

    How did you fall in love with him? 
    I don't know, we were talking...

                                          August 8, Tuesday

       ➤I have no family, no one to talk to, so I prefer to write. I have collected a whole folder of manuscripts. When I decide, I can publish an autobiographical book.
       ➤ I don't have any friends anymore. Some of them live and work abroad. The others who remained here did not survive the pandemic. And how I survived without getting sick, I have no explanation.
       ➤ I also gave up the gym, walking and running for health. I left only light exercises at home and only in the morning.
       But fate must still have surprises for me. And I expect them. I will tell about one such surprise now.
       ➤ Now I live alone in the house where my grandparents lived, and which they left to my father, and he left to me. Now I'm alone and ... unhappy. And I sincerely regret that fate did not take pity on me. After work, I immerse myself in reading books, watching movies, thinking and...Internet! Ah, the Internet! Ah those Facebook messenger and Google chat!
       There I started sharing my thoughts. Why there? Because I found that when I share my problems and feelings with the people closest to me, I see regret in their eyes. They feel sorry for me! And I don't want them to feel sorry for me, it's very sad. When I share with those who are supposedly my friends, I see joy in their eyes. Can you imagine, they rejoice because I suffer!
       So I decided that I would share everything I feel with strangers. I hope to be understood.



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