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    August 4, Friday

    August 4, Friday

    How did you fall in love with him? 
    I don't know, we were talking...

                                               August 4, Friday

        Beloved, I would like to tell you briefly about my conscious life. About my life after adulthood, when you are alone and have taken the reins of your life in your hands. I have a need for this and I ask you to agree with me. Please accept it. Like last time. It will probably be a longer text than normal, but please read it slowly and calmly. To understand me.
        I am the only child of my parents. I loved dad very much. He was everything to me. My relationship with my mother was completely different. I have no explanation for why mom was not so close to me. But dad did everything to make me happy.
       When I graduated from high school, he planted a plant next to the facade of our house. Even now, it envelops our house, where understanding and love once lived.
       After graduating from high school, I studied at the sports academy. I was a national competitor and it was not difficult for me. There I met, quite understandably, many physically handsome young men.
       But my colleagues created an inferiority complex. Because I'm tall.
    Imagine me, a young woman, with a height of 178 cm. To them add another 2-3 cm from the hair and another 7-12 cm from the high heels of the shoes. Can you imagine how a young and handsome man talking to me, looking up constantly, feels?
       Did you smile, beloved? Here, too, I laugh every time I think about it. Then I had an obsession with high heels.
       Sorry dear, I remembered you don't like reading my stories. I apologize to you.



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