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    August 19, Saturday


    August 19, Saturday

    How did you fall in love with him? 
    I don't know, we were talking...

                                             August 19, Saturday

            This is the longest rant he has ever written to me. Otherwise, he is very sparing with words. Do I know him? No, I don't know him. Can I forget what happened? Yes I can. I even forgot it. It's good to forget. But not everything can be forgotten. Sadness, pain, anger cannot be easily forgotten.
           Some things are completely beyond repair. Others - not so much. And I can't stay angry for long. Before I met him, my mind was kind of stiff. It was like I was suffocating. But with him I felt happy.
           But he understood my weak point. I hate talking about money. Many people love money, but few give it up for something of greater value. In the name of love, for example. He remembered it and reminded me one more time before we parted. He remembered that it hurt me a lot and decided to use it at the right time. Before he left.
          I began to use other addresses for him. But I didn't fail to explain to him: calling you "my dear", "my love", "love", "beloved" means nothing. It's just how it comes to me.
         But that wasn't true. I wanted to "pet" him too. If it was not possible in any other way, physically, at least with kind words. But he must not have understood me.
         And so we continued to write to each other. More me than him. I wrote in the morning, at noon and in the evening, and he answered only once a day. And very briefly. He answered like this: Ok, Ok, Yes, No, Ok love, Ok I love you, Thanks love, Good morning love, How are you doing? love you. And that was it.
                                - My love, you surpassed both of us yesterday. You replied to my message with "Ok I love you" - two words and three letters. Can I get more?

    And sometimes he failed to do so, justifying himself with reasoned excuses. Like this:              
     - No my love, I was busy working on my computer. That's it, why are you angry?, Ok tell me now, I'm here, what happened, why aren't you happy with me?



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