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    August 18, Friday

    August 18, Friday


    How did you fall in love with him? 
    I don't know, we were talking...

                                         August 18, Friday

    I'll start, I consider myself guilty...
                                   - Have a nice and wonderful day! Waking up in the morning is the best gift that life can give us. We can give everything else - to each other and each to himself.💋
    -Yes, good morning my love, and how was your night?

    Is he making fun of me? Are you playing with me? He knows how upset I was, and he asks me how my evening was. Why am I so sensitive to his words?
                                 - The night passed peacefully, under the sound of heavy rain. How was it with you?
    - Ok, I'm just worried about the trip, but I can't get to it.
    He's going to travel somewhere again, but he doesn't tell me anything. Not where he's going, why he's going, not how long he'll be, nothing. I don't share. Am I not predisposed to it, or is it just the way it is? Or is he hiding something from me?
    - ❤️❤️❤️ I will be dressing up for work.
       Short, clear, precise, with coldness. No "my dear", no "my love", "honey". But there are three red, silent hearts. True, I deserved it. I will try to overcome it. Will I find the right path? Which is more difficult for me - to leave or to stay?
      One does not choose who to fall in love with, but one chooses what to do. The right decision is the right choice. Very questionable, right?
      After a few hours, I write again, not him.
                               - Hello, yesterday I saw the new post on your page. And I wrote a message as you invite your readers. And today, three hours ago, you answered me. Did not you recognize me? Didn't you realize it was me? 
    I admit, you cheered me up. Well done, you are starting to work on the page. I hope you have success as soon as possible. Actually, what do you do? On the Facebook page or something else?

        A question he again won't answer. I know why. 
        After three hours came the answer. Totally inadequate.
     - Ok.
    Significantly. With a message. Why didn't I get it then? Only now, when I reread everything we wrote to each other from the beginning, I understand many things.
                                  -Good evening! How was your working day dear?
    -Ok I will get soon I had a bad day at work.
                                 - I'll wait. I can write you something that will cheer you up.🥳
    -Okay, but I really need to talk to you about something when I get home.
      I told him what was supposed to be a funny story, but I got hit, by the unauthorized ones. He has never written to me like this before.
     - Are you there? I'm being serious, I really want us to talk about something very important and I'm home. I'm not here to talk about stories, ok? If you are not serious with me...
       If I'm not...what? It sounded pretty scary to me. Various thoughts began to creep into my head, but wait, let me read what he will write to me.
                                   - OK, talk, write, I'll read. I sense you are angry. I am waiting for you. You're late, please don't keep me in suspense.

      After half an hour of waiting on my end, he is finally on the line. And as before, very pleasantly concerned for me.
    - I'm here now. Can we talk honey? Honey, hope you had something to eat.
                                    -What is this question? Is this the serious stuff dear?
    -I just want to know how you are before I can tell you what I want to tell you too.
     My mind asked again: How did you fall in love with him? My heart replied: I don't know, we were talking.

       He, is he worried, is he confused, who knows what he will tell me...Or he doesn't know how to tell me. But he cares if I ate....My God! I just now got emotional, nothing that I already suspect what he is going to tell me.
                                    - It doesn't matter how I am, tell me what's up? I'll take it easy dear, don't worry.
    - I need a favor from you so that I can also start my new project in Greece. Honey, I might come see you, that's what I've been thinking about what to do 😔😥
                                    -Is this it? Can you elaborate? If it is so important, please explain to me what it is about. Nothing prevents you from writing everything. What are you afraid of? I will answer you right away because I already have answers ready for everything, dear.

       He is late, for some unknown reason, and I remind him that I am on the line and waiting for him.
                                    - I'm not used to being unwound, dear.

       I'm nervous, he's slow, he must be wondering how to tell me something so important to him. And the blow below the waist followed.
    - I'm dealing with documents in Greece, but my account is blocked. I don't know if you can help me with money. So that I can make this trip. And I promise to return them to you. So can you do me a favor with some money?
      So that it was? Money? You want money from me, whom you've only known for a few weeks? And you haven't even seen me. And you don't really know me! Don't you have family, friends, relatives? Anyone else you know well to ask?
      But since thenrih in another way. I wanted to show tolerance.

                                      - So far, we have both told each other several untrue things, several lies. But now I will write the truth. Please read this slowly and carefully. I DON'T WANT TO, I CAN'T. If you don't agree with my No, I'll think you're not respecting my boundaries. I try to refuse politely, meekly, so as not to offend you. I hope for mutual respect and acceptance of each other's opinion. This is my decision.
    -If you can't you can forget it ok?
                                     -You, dear, do you have anything else to tell me? Do you have an answer my love?

      "Honey", "my love", how did I afford it? This happens late at night. He shuts up, and I start a barrage of messages - until the next day at lunch. All in all 12 messages. And then, at noon, comes his longer message.
    - Hello, good morning, love. What are you saying am filming location now. I really need help. Why do you ask, you don't know me, my dear. Oh my God! I really love you. And I care about you so much that I will be your love forever. Yes, I love you tell me do you know me? Thanks so much. I love you.
    No, I don't know him. I don't know his name, what he looks like, where he's from, where he lives, I don't know anything. I only know who he is to me. And I know he wants money from me.



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