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    The Magical Marrakech

    Marrakech is a city in the heart of Morocco (Africa) that dates back around 1000 years. Do you mention that you are from Bulgaria, you will immediately hear "Bulgaria, Stoichkov".

    The Magical Marrakech

    The privileges in communication there will be those of you who speak French. Tourism is the main engine of the economy. The population is poor and engaged in trade. The main vehicle for this section of the population are motors, relevant in Europe over the last century. The rich part of the population are big businessmen, driving the latest models of cars, which are rare even in Europe.
    Marrakech is extremely densely populated, with heavy traffic throughout the day. The green traffic light and pedestrian walkway are anything but a guarantee of pedestrian safety. On the other hand, here are some of the most spacious sidewalks with a width of about 5 meters. A common sight on the streets is police officers with machine guns in their hands. At first, this view is shocking, but then the feeling is certain. The local population is friendly and always ready to orient the tourist to the desired sights. Their currency is called dirham, but almost everywhere it is no problem to pay in euro. One dirham equals 0.10 cents. There is a huge market in Marrakech, very reminiscent of Kapal Carshi in Turkey. Market prices are rarely seen, but you can easily bargain for the price of the product you choose.


    Nature is beautiful and the city is full of historic buildings, religious temples and botanical gardens. The salary of the majority of the population is in the range of 250-300 euros. A common sight is young people, adults are a corner. The whole city is dedicated to tourism and everything in it is in the name of the tourist. The challenge is to find traditional local cuisine in their restaurants, everything is tourist-oriented European. When you finally find it after a hard search, you find that they have an affinity for minced meat, and there is often a mix of fruits and vegetables in salads and essentials. The hygiene in their establishments is not at the right height, but you will always be served by a waiter with a wide smile, ready to satisfy your every wish. While you wait for your order to be completed, you will definitely receive fries as a compliment from the establishment. Service at the airport is extremely slow, so it is important that you properly organize your time and be patient.


    Everything in Marrakech is money, not much, but still money. Unless you are sensible, culturally for each service you will be asked for a tip. Nature is an interesting blend of many and varied plant species, to incredible mountain ranges and of course the color of Africa - the desert. This is a place that is definitely worth a visit because it guarantees a close encounter with a lot of history, unique nature, different culture and unique relaxation!

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