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    Away from the crowds: ten fabulously beautiful places

    Do you like beautiful cities, but not the crowds of tourists you have to make your way through?
    Here we show ten places in Europe that are almost inferior to the crowded top destinations.
    Yes, it's nice to stroll to one of the most famous destinations if we have the opportunity. Rome, Paris, Vienna, London, but there are other alternatives that are also quite interesting and noteworthy.
    Here are examples:

    Chioggia instead of Venice


    Venice is fabulously beautiful but overflowing with tourists. Nearly 30 million people visit it annually. If you want to avoid the crowds of tourists, visit Chioggia. With its romantic bridges, narrow streets and colorful facades, this picturesque fishing village offers a unique Italian atmosphere. And without being as crowded as Venice.

    Utrecht instead of Amsterdam


    Amsterdam is very popular with tourists - so much so that the city has introduced special regulations, fees and even bans on visitors. Utrecht is far from overcrowded, and in fact it is almost inferior to Amsterdam. Here you can enjoy the same degree of typical Dutch charm.

    Seville instead of Barcelona


    27 million people visit Barcelona annually. On central Ramblas Boulevard, tourists are barely diverging. It is far calmer in Seville, which is also fabulously beautiful. The Royal Palace of Alcazar is just one of the impressive sights of the Andalusian city.

    Split instead of Dubrovnik


    Dubrovnik attracts thousands of tourists every day. This trend has become even stronger after the success of the series "Game of Thrones", parts of which were filmed in Dubrovnik. Anyone who wants to avoid the crowds can head to Split. And this city is set amidst beautiful scenery, offers beautiful beaches and boasts a number of historic sites.

    Regensburg instead of Prague


    Anyone heading to Prague needs to settle for long queues and crowded streets. It is far more peaceful in the Bavarian Regensburg, whose architecture is very much like a Prague. There is also a magnificent cathedral and picturesque old streets. Particularly famous is the bridge, which even served as a model for the Charles Bridge in Prague.

    Leeds instead of London


    He who has been to London knows full well that one has difficulty making his way through the crowds of the city center. In addition, there are many other places on the Island that are worth a visit. For example, Leeds in northern England. Once a city was the center of the industry, today it offers a rich cultural scene, a throbbing nightlife and plenty of opportunities for shopping tourism.

    Porto instead of Lisbon


    Lisbon has also become a victim of its own beauty. One possible alternative is Porto, which is the second largest city in Portugal. Porto is a truly charming city that offers a number of landmarks and the Old Town is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

    Bologna instead of Rome


    Yes, Bologna is not Rome, but this northern Italian town is not at all an understatement. Full of museums and majestic medieval buildings, Bologna is home to the oldest university in Europe. Not to forget the excellent cafes and restaurants - they appreciate the good and plentiful food here.

    Graz instead of Vienna


    Vienna is always full of tourists. Unlike Graz. The old part of the city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the cozy cafes are not inferior to the Viennese.

    Menorca instead of Mallorca


    Majorca is exhausted by the influx of tourists. Much quieter is Menorca. The island, known as Mallorca's "little sister", offers fabulously beautiful scenery. There are eight nature reserves and at least 200 rocky beaches that are difficult to access. The island does not have the potential to become a hub for mass tourism, but it does offer great opportunities for relaxing holidays.

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