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    The Green Island Of Corfu

    I really have not seen a more beautiful place than this island! Maybe it's because I read and read Gerald Darrell's books about him, and in my own way I loved him.

     Island Of Corfu

    And maybe also because I never thought I'd ever visit him.I'm sure if I had spent my childhood here I would have been like Gerald Darrell or his brother Lawrence Darrell.

    Gerald Darrell or his brother Lawrence DarrellGerald Darrell or his brother Lawrence Darrell

    A place where you realize that there is no beauty without sadness and suffering, and vice versa.
    The time is coming when I will leave Green Island. I don't want to. The story of Sissy's unfortunate fate will remain in my mind for a long time, the bewilderment of how Prince Philip, born on Corfu Island, chooses to spend his life as the husband of a queen rather than a king, as was the birth of George's son l. I will not forget the charm of the invisible presence of the Darlal brothers, who have left no possessions. By the way, one of the houses they lived in - the Yagodov House has been converted into a tavern and the White House is being renovated. The yellow house also has a very unclear location and status.
    And a funny story - in the old town of Corfu there is a 7-story Venetian-style apartment building. Only a few terraces were positioned on its facade rather asymmetrically. My bewilderment was dispelled by the explanation that only very rich people lived in the terraced homes, as their tax was extremely high. Nothing new under the sun ....

    Author and photos - Elena Pancheva-Statkova

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