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    Museum Of Socialist Art

    In September 2011 another museum in Sofia was officially opened - Museum of Socialist Art. It is also called the Museum of Totalitarian Art, because it will display certain works of art from totalitarian times. The discovery was made after the opening of the Museum of Contemporary Art in mid-June. It is on an area of 7.5 acres. There is an idea, besides the exposition there, to make storage depots for paintings. Includes a park, an exhibition hall, a video hall and a shop.
    The Museum of Socialist Art is a branch of the National Art Gallery. This is the first museum institution in Bulgaria, designed to collect, preserve and present models of Bulgarian art created during the period 1944-1989, thematically related to the era of socialism. The museum was opened with a solemn ceremony.


    There are 77 works of monumental sculpture exhibited in the park, mostly statues and busts of famous Bulgarian and Soviet Communists - Georgi Dimitrov, Dimitar Blagoev, Vassil Kolarov, Vladimir Lenin, Tsvyatko Radoynov and other socialist activists. There is also a bust-monument of Todor Zhivkov. The other statues are typical examples of socialist realism - partisans, Red Army, workers and co-operatives.


    The exhibition hall has an area of 550sq. meters. It features 60 paintings and 25 works of Cavalier Sculpture. The documentary features films from the era of socialism in Bulgaria. Next to it there is a shop selling souvenirs - authentic objects from the era and contemporary artifacts.


    At the Museum of Totalitarian Art are found masterpieces of artists from the time of socialism. These are many and magnificent masters of the figure. The young and pure generation must not be deprived of the history and past of its people. An example is the sculpture of Lyudmila Zhivkova.

     Lyudmila Zhivkova

    It is a classic fantastic portrait of a human head. If the monument of the Soviet Army is dismantled, he will also find a place in this museum.

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