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    Knyaz Boris I Mikhail

    Knyaz Boris I
    Even with the creation of the Bulgarian state in 681 are formed two main ethnic groups - Slavs and Bulgars. However, they can be merged into one nation, as between them there are significant differences - tribal, ethnic, cultural, religious household. Such a merger would become possible only if there is one religion and the two ethnic communities that have common norms and values. By the mid-9th century Bulgaria is a powerful country, but lacks the equality of other European countries, ie it is exposed to international and cultural isolation. It is considered a barbarous country and country of pagans and barbarians. The need for integration into the development process of European spiritual and material culture, built on impose the adoption of Christianity the new faith. Immediately prior to conversion Boris I have proposed to adopt Judaism or Islam, but he preferred Christianity because he realizes his predimstva.Predi to convert, however, he also had battles with neighboring Franks, Byzantines and the Serbs who were not happy with end for him. This further convinced Boris to accept Christianity. Khan Boris Mikhail renamed. Another important reason is called. "Deep Peace", which was signed in 863g. in Constantinople between the Slavs and Bulgars. Under this contract the Byzantine forces Bulgaria to become a Christian, accepting Orthodox Christianity from it rather than katolocheskiya Rome. In addition, affiliates have to Bulgaria Slavs are Christians and so dramatically increases the number of people worship Jesus Christ in the state.


    With the Christianization of the Bulgarian people, he incorporates the values of Christian civilization. The construction of their own Christian culture, which facilitates the introduction of the Cyrillic alphabet and its implementation in the country after 885 years. The construction of churches and monasteries, which indicates that began to develop Christian culture. Due to the conversion begins formation of the Bulgarian people, introducing the new legislation, Bulgaria has established itself as a highly developed medieval country. However, the country enters Byzantine influence, which threatens the foundations of the Bulgarian state.Bulgaria became a member of "Byzantine family of nations" in which the Bulgarian ruler is regarded as the spiritual son of the Byzantine Emperor. By Byzantine missionaries penetrate foreign influence. But thanks to the creation of an independent Bulgarian church and the introduction of the Slavic alphabet, the state retains autonomy and in no small degree prepares Golden Age of Bulgarian state.

    Tsar Boris

    St. Tsar Boris - Bulgarian ruler (852-889), which have introduced Christianity and the Cyrillic alphabet in Bulgaria in 864 is converted in Pliska and all his family and received the Christian name Michael. Christianity became the official religion of the Bulgarian state. He achieved international recognition for an autonomous Bulgarian Archbishopric under the rule of Constantinople Ecumenical Patriarchate (March 4, 870). There is a large contribution to the enlightenment of the Bulgarian society.
    In 886 Boris-Mihail accepts students of Cyril and Methodius created and Ohrid and Preslav schools. After his death in 907, he was canonized as a saint and was awarded a royal title.

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