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    Ilinden Transfiguration Uprising

    Ilinden Uprising
    The Ilinden-Transfiguration Uprising, or as it is called the short and simple Ilinden Uprising, broke out in August 1903. It is an organized revolt against the Ottoman Empire and is carried out by the Inner Macedonian Revolutionary Organization, in short, the IMRO. At the time when the Bulgarian population was preparing for it, the appointed date was the day of Prophet Elijah - the evening of Sunday, August 2, 1903.
    At the same time, on the other side of the territory of the IMRO, in Eastern Thrace, the committees , the leaders of the Edirne Province, were unanimous that they were not ready for an uprising but, out of a sense of solidarity, voted to start it. So in Strandzha the uprising began on the feast of the Transfiguration, August 19, 1903.
    The uprising in the central and southwestern parts of the villa received support mainly from the local Bulgarian peasants and to some extent from the other population of the region. The Provisional Government was set up in the city of Krushevo (west of the Prilep), where the rebels proclaimed the Krushev Republic under the chairmanship of teacher Nikola Karev. It lasted only ten days until August 12.
    On August 19, an uprising organized by the Bulgarian peasants in the Edirne villa led to the liberation of a large area in the Strandzha Mountain near the Black Sea coast. This happened about twenty days before its suppression by the Turks.

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