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    Aphrodite Bay

    Aphrodite Bay is one of the most romantic and beautiful places in Europe. Located on the island of Cyprus. On the maps and guides this place is referred to as "Petra tu Romio".


    According to legend, the brave Digenis threw huge stones into the sea, trying to sink the ships of the invaders. Enemies were defeated, but the stones remained. However, most tourists are attracted here by another, more romantic legend. According to mythology, the ancient Greek goddess of love came here from the depths of the picturesque beach.


    Anyone who doubts this is invited to watch the sunset here. It seems that such an incredible picture is not subject to time. As thousands of years ago, the sea washed the limestone rocks and their whiteness reflected the shade of green trees and pink oleanders. At the base of the rock overhanging the water is a small cave where, they say, Aphrodite was taking baths with the eucalyptus scent. Today, unfortunately, one cannot swim here. But there is a beach where girls' dreams can come true. Thanks to the magical properties of water, the beauty of youth will be eternal and, most importantly, love will never go away from the heart - it is a gift from the goddess.


    You will find the bay easily when you take the road connecting the cities of Paphos and Limassol. Not only the landscape is impressive, but also the huge amount of beads and handkerchiefs on the branches of the trees. It is believed that if lovers simultaneously tie a ribbon and wish for something, it will surely come true.


    And here's another interesting piece of information - if lovers bathe together in the waters of the bay, they will never separate. If you swim past the stone of Aphrodite at midnight, you will have eternal youth. To the representatives of the strong sex, the turquoise waters of the sea promise courage and courage.


    Two hiking trails start from the bay, passing through which you can enjoy the beauty of Cypriot nature. One of the routes leads to the eight-kilometer-long Fountain of Love at the end of the Akamas Peninsula. The stairs go down to the sea to a beautiful pebble beach. The water in this place is surprisingly warm, clean and calm. See the beach. There are no sun beds and umbrellas here, so take one towel if you plan to sunbathe here or just sit and enjoy the beautiful sea views.

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