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    Euxinograd Palace

    Euxinograd is located 8 km north of Varna. In fact, the name of Euxinograd was first "The Palace of Sandrovo", named after the young Prince Alexander - by his derogatory name in Italian - Sandro. When Ferdinand came to Bulgaria, rented the residence from the state, expanded and enriched the farm, and then on July 27, 1893, at the request of his wife, Princess Maria-Louise, the name was changed from "Sandrovo Palace" to "Evksinograd". It is made up of two parts: Euxinos or Euxinos - the ancient Greek name of the Black Sea (Euxinos Pontos), meaning a welcoming sea and the Bulgarian word for city. That is, the translation of Euxinograd can be both a hospitable city and a city on the Black Sea.


    The first impression of Evskinograd is that it is a huge park. Buildings are not visible. There are a botanical garden, greenhouses, vineyards and arranged views. Between the trees and the bushes is a clearing, a short sea. And in fact there are buildings. There is a palace (like the real one) of Alexander Batenberg, Ferdinand's house, a hotel from the time of Valko Chervenkov (early socialism), villas, bungalows and a sports complex built before 1989.
    As you travel from Varna to the resorts of St. St. Constantine and Helena and Golden Sands, to the right of the highway you will see a simple barrier. There is nothing to suggest that behind it lies one of Bulgaria's greatest treasures - Euxinograd. The former royal palace, subsequently transformed into a representative farm for the needs of the state apparatus, still carries the spirit of lavish receptions, waltzes and ball gowns. The whole complex of "Evksinograd" extends over 900 acres of land, owned by the Bulgarian state, and includes the main building of the palace, greenhouses for rare plant species and fresh flowers, a French garden and an English park, a wine cellar with newly planted vineyards, a sports complex, several holiday villas, the former residence of the head of state, a hotel and administrative part with a restaurant, and several buildings where the royal servants and the stable were housed in the past. More than 150 people maintain the entire farm, 18 of which are occupied only with wine and vineyards.
    The other one that makes the residence unique is the collection of rare wines by Prince Ferdinand and King Boris III. Most of them are definitely not for drinking because of improper storage, but it is certainly a curiosity to touch the Chateau Margaux of 1898 or the Petrus of the early 20th century. The overall royal effect of Euxinograd is further enhanced by the extraordinary gardens in front of the palace and by an extremely accurate sundial. The gift is from Queen Victoria herself of the Bulgarian monarchs in recognition of our sailors rescuing their British counterparts from a ship sunk. In general, the whole estate is filled with thousands of objects and details, each with its own value and history. There you can spend days contemplating the exquisite colorful rugs of vibrant flowers, rare plants or the collection of watches by King Boris III. There's also the Ferdinand House. I do not know if Ferdinand was staying in this house instead of the palace, but the fact is that it appears on the map as “Ferdinand House.” It is relatively modest and the ornaments are made of plaster instead of stone.
    But if you went there…. look...

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