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    The Valley of the Roses

    The Bulgarian Rose Valley is considered to be the largest supplier of rose oil in the world, and therefore with the most pleasant aroma place in the country.
    The production of essential oils in the valley near the town of Kazanlak began in the days when the country was under Turkish rule. Nowadays, Bulgarian rose oil is considered as the best in the world, and other producers are far behind in this regard. People in Bulgaria have grown roses for centuries, carefully picking their petals so that they can extract fragrant rose oil from them.

    The Valley of the Roses

    The Valley of the Roses is called not one specific geographical area, but the place where divine flowers grow. This is due to the very favorable climatic conditions in the region.
    Every year, a Rose Festival is held in the Valley of the Roses.

    The Valley of the Roses

    It started in 1903. The inhabitants of the city worship the rose. The admirable thing is that they not only admire her as a flower, but also make her jam, liqueurs and even brandy.
    The eye rejoices, the soul sings, and the feet dance alone. This is all about the Rose Festival, the most beautiful and famous holiday in Bulgaria. It takes place in the cities of Kazanlak and Karlovo, in the vicinity of the Rose Valley.

    The Valley of the Roses

    The main events of the festival are the ritual of picking roses, rose picking, choosing the Queen of the Roses and a parade through the city. They are usually on the last weekend of May in the town of Karlovo and the first weekend of June in Kazanlak. At this time, the roses bloom and the petals begin to gather. But before and after the culmination of the festival, various cultural and leisure events are organized in the towns and villages around them. The festival is certainly accompanied by performances of folk ensembles by professional dancers and children's groups. And in the traditional dance "horo" everyone is involved. The locals wear bright national costumes. Girls make wreaths of roses. And the guests who watch all the events from the festival receive a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions.

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