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    Bulgaria at 1330 !

    Bulgaria at 1330 ! In 2011, we Bulgarians celebrated 133 years since our liberation. But throughout 2011 we also celebrated another anniversary - 1330 years since the founding of the Bulgarian State.
    Wrong or not, the chronicles tell us that in the summer of 681, the Asparuh cavalry crossed the Danube and struck its flag on our lands!

    Old Great Bulgaria

    Bulgaria by Khan Asparuh

    Initially, it occupied the lands of present-day northeastern and northern Bulgaria, Dobrudzha and lands northeast of the lower Danube. The creation and recognition of the new state was widespread in the 7th century. Even in the 9th century, Patriarch Nicophore and Theophanes the Confessor, who were the main sources for the events of 680-681, wrote with great sadness and pain about the shameful defeat of Byzantium by the Bulgarians. This is no accident - Khan Asparuh forced Emperor Constantine IV not only to recognize Bulgaria, but also to pay it an annual tax, and this tax dependence on the empire remained until 966.
    And I do not think that it is only on March 3rd that the national holiday of our country should be celebrated, because "the Fatherland perishes only when it disappears from the hearts of its sons."
    For those who do not know my Motherland, and for Bulgarians who are far from it for various reasons, I will try to present its natural, historical and other landmarks.
    I hope you manage to find it interesting.

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