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    Day To Honor The Memory Of Deceased

    Strangles, the day to honor the memory and souls of the dead. In the church calendar of Bulgaria there are three important Chokes - Big, Cherry and Archangel. They are always on Saturdays and their dates change.

    Day, we honor the memory of deceased

    The first of the year is Big Strangler, eight weeks before Easter. The Cherry Choke is before Pentecost and is also tied to the Easter holidays. The archangel's choke is before the archangel's day. The Big Strangler is on the Saturday before Meaty Eat. Each year falls on a different date, but it's always on Saturday, 8 weeks before Easter. The Cherry Choke is on the Saturday before Pentecost, and the Archangel Choke is on the Saturday before Archangel on November 8th. Strangler honors the memory of the dead.

    Day, we honor the memory of deceased

    The rituals performed these days are inherited from Thracians, Slavs and Proto-Bulgarians, albeit slightly modified. The very name Strangler speaks of the character of this day honoring the souls of the dead. In the morning of the Great Strangler, all the temples perform a solemn prayer. People bring ritual food and wine to the church, which is lit by a priest. Ritual food consists mainly of boiled wheat and bread. After the service, believers head to the cemetery where their dead relatives rest. One part of the ritual food is left on the grave, and the other part is distributed to loved ones, acquaintances or strangers for God's forgiveness. In addition to food at the cemetery, red wine is also used to pour the grave. According to popular belief, the souls of the dead are returning that day. They stand next to their own grave. Therefore, their living relatives bring them food and wine. The ritual feeding and watering serves to satiate the souls of the dead. Then a candle is lit on the grave. The candle is believed to illuminate the way of souls in the dark. That way they won't wander.

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