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    Interesting facts from the world of genetics

    Interesting facts from the world of genetics


    The reading is for both men and women!

    To predict your son's mental abilities, look at your wife's father.

    1. Intelligence is not passed down from father to son. That is, if you are a genius, then your son will 100% not inherit your genes.

    2. Idiocy is not passed down from father to son. If you are a complete idiot, then your son will not be the same idiot as you (for which we congratulate you).

    3. Intelligence from a father can only be passed on to a daughter. And only half.

    4. A man can inherit intelligence only from his mother, which she in turn inherited from her father.

    5. Daughters of geniuses will be exactly half as smart as their fathers, but their sons will be geniuses. If their father is stupid, then the daughters will be exactly half as stupid as their fathers.

    6. Therefore, there are hardly any women of genius, just as there are no absolute idiots. But there are many men who are geniuses and men who are stupid. Hence the generation of losers and drunkards, as well as Nobel laureates (almost all men).

    Conclusions for men:

    1. To predict your son's mental abilities, look at your wife's father (if he is an academic, then your son will also be smart).

    2. Your daughter will get half of your mind. But also half of your weakness. Intellectually she will be closer to you. Her son will have all your mental abilities. If you want a smart generation, dream of a daughter!

    3. Your mental abilities come from your mother, or rather your grandfather.

    Conclusions for women:

    1. Your son is a carbon copy of your father in terms of intelligence and scolding him "you are as stupid as your father" is not quite true.

    2. Your daughter will be like you in upbringing, but in mind like her father. Her sons will be mental copies of your husband.

        It is believed that the main result of the increase in life expectancy is that older people live longer. But this is not true.

        The main, huge, strategic consequence of the leap in life expectancy, which is changing all of humanity before our eyes, is not at all that old age now lasts longer, but that it begins much later.

        For those who are 40, 50, 55 years old today, old age will begin only at 75-80 years. That is, 25 years later than our parents' generation.

        Until recently, there were only 3 main periods in human life: youth, maturity, old age. Now "maturity" occurs at 50 and marks the beginning of a completely new, simply non-existent stage in human life.

        This is potentially the best, highest quality period in a person's life as it combines health, strength and life experience. "If youth knew, if old age could" - this is no longer for us. According to all the statistics of recent years, the happiest moment in life, its peak now comes at about the age of 65.

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