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    The Matsokha Abyss

    The Matsokha Abyss

       This story of mine is a story of my friends that I decided to retell to you. A story about the beautiful nature of the Moravian Karst, with many caves, dead-end valleys and underground rivers.

       Only four of the more than a thousand caves in the Moravian Karst are allowed to be visited by tourists. There is a wonderful corner - the Matsoha gorge. It is very close to the city of Brno.

    The Matsokha Abyss

       The Matzoha Gorge was formed by the collapse of the roof of one of the caves of the Moravian Karst. I was impressed by the legend of the origin of the name of the precipice. Matsoha means "stepmother" in Czech.

    The Matsokha Abyss

       Once upon a time there lived a father with his son. The father was a widower, but he remarried and his second wife gave birth to a child. She hated her adopted son so much that she decided to get rid of him by throwing him into the abyss. But the child got tangled in the branches of the trees. The men - woodcutters who were collecting wood around saved him. Then people found out about this bad stepmother. Her dastardly deed was discovered, and to avoid disgrace, the stepmother threw herself into the abyss. Since then, this chasm bears this name - "Stepmother".

       The area is part of the nature reserve "Punkva", where vehicles are not allowed.

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