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    Joan Cucuzel, the Angelic

    Ioan Kukuzel was born in Dirakia, formerly Bulgaria, now in Albania. She remains an orphan as a child. Having a very beautiful voice, he entered the court of Constantinople, where for his talent he won the position of emperor.

    Joan Cucuzel, the Angelic

    Thus became the first court singer. But the charm of the imperial court tormented the young man who was striving for God. Not wanting to remain among the pleasures and splendor, refusing the marriage the Emperor had prepared for him, young John began to seek ways to leave the capital and hide in a remote wilderness. At the will of God, at his meeting with an Athenian elder, an abbot, who arrived in Constantinople in monastic affairs, John reveals his intention and, with his blessing, with him, he goes to the Holy Mountain. There he was received, put into monasticism, and entrusted to him by a monastic herd. Going with the flock to the far deserts of the Holy Mountain, the youth could indulge freely in prayer, in Divine thinking and in singing the Divine Hymns. The angelic beauty of his voice fascinated even the animals that gathered around the shepherd and listened to him in delight. because of his modesty and humility, the young singer did not reveal his gift to the brothers from the monastery. Once the shepherd's singing delighted a hermit who did not restrain himself and reported the abbot to the wonderful singer. The young John confessed that he was a former court singer, and with tears in his eyes begged the abbot to leave him as a shepherd. Fearing the emperor, who could find his pet and return it from the Holy Mountain, the abbot traveled to Constantinople. He told the emperor all about the fate of his former subject, asking him not to prevent the young monk from following his chosen path.
    Since then, John Cucuzel has sung in the cathedral every Sunday and on other holidays. They called him Joan Cucuzel the Angelic.
    The skilful singer, the Reverend John Cucuzel worked hard and hard in the science of church singing and deservedly earned the title of Master. He adjusted and created tunes for the entire church service.

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