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    The Month Of Love And Wine

    The Month Of Love And Wine
    If love had its month of the year, it would have been February. And if it were wine, love would surely combine tenderness with exoticism. And do you know that Khan Krum, besides being the enemy of wine drinkers, will remain in the history of wine with a good deed. He is the godfather of the Mavrud grapes. This is the case of the winegrowers of this part of Bulgaria, where the paradise of this most Bulgarian variety is. There is one legend that, when the great ruler realized that drunkenness led to the destruction of the state, he ordered all the vines to be uprooted. However, a woman named Elijah kept the fruits of her vineyard. She did it at the risk of her life, because anyone with whom the servants of the inn found grapes or wine was killed on a stake. Elay, a time and a day later, was surprised to find that she had made wine without asking. Cruel cold, hunger and pestilence tormented people next winter. But the widow was not afraid of the cold, because every day her boy drank from the miraculous elixir, and so did he. One day the inn, which had a very strong beard, decided to check the strength of the men in the country. He has announced that he will reward the one who manages to tear hair from his beard. Of all, only Eli's son was able to do it. The boy told how he was raised, thanks to what he was able to do and where he had acquired this extraordinary power. Then the khan asked him for his name, which was Mavrud. Khan Krum ordered: "If this vulture has given you such courage, from now on, new vines of the state will be planted from it. Both the grapes and the wine from it will be called Mavrud, to remember your courage. Such heroes are needed by the Bulgarian army. I said". Today, mavrud is considered one of the oldest and most valuable Bulgarian grape varieties, which make wines that are perfect in taste, aroma and color.

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