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    Festive November 1st

    November 1st! Bulgarian holiday of historical memory and national confidence! Defended year after year through the centuries of slavery, violence and national suffering, the work of hundreds and thousands of famous and unknown Bulgarians, writers, mentors and enlighteners. Inspired by the darkness of foreign oppression, they believe in the own forces of the people on the way to the historical restoration of the Bulgarian statehood.

    First November

    November 1st is the day when Bulgaria worships its leaders. To these worthy sons of their own, who forged the most powerful weapon from the word and turned the memory of our glorious past into the ideal and destiny of all the people.
    National Awakening Day is an official holiday, which is celebrated every year on November 1st. Like May 24, November 1 is a holiday of spirituality. The celebration of the First of November is an expression of the same idea with which we celebrate the Day of the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius. This day is a continuation and development of May 24, an extension of its deep historical meaning, because it includes in addition to the hundreds of worthy enlighteners and those rebellious, proud Bulgarians who are learning how to love Bulgaria and how to think of it. The word "awakening" carries a great emotional charge, so the people reverently call the hundreds of known and unknown clergymen, scribes, teachers - a symbol of the spiritual elevation of the Bulgarians. We also place Georgi Rakovski, Vasil Levski, Hristo Botev, Lyuben Karavelov, Ivan Vazov, Zahariy Stoyanov, Stefan Stambolov and many other patriots.
    In the broadest sense, contemporary Bulgarian scholars and researchers, teachers, writers, journalists and creators from all walks of life and generations are the national leaders of today.
    Happy holiday!

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