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    Nevena Kokanova - The First Lady Of The Bulgarian Movie

    On December 12, 1938, the great Bulgarian actress Nevena Kokanova was born, called for many years the "First Lady of Bulgarian Cinema".

    Nevena Kokanova

    Nevena's first steps on stage were at the Yambol Theater when she was 18 years old. She has no special theater education, but that does not prevent her from capturing the camera and the audience. Over the years, she has starred in over 50 films, her first role in cinema being Emma in the movie "Years for Love" by director Yank Yankov, which was shot in 1957.
    Some of her big roles are in Irina from the film adaptation of the novel Tobacco, shot in 1962 with director Nikola Korobov, the passionate Lisa in "The Peach Thief" - in 1964, Jeanne in the movie Rangel Valchanov "The Inspector and the Night "(1963), Anna from Caramboll (1966), Ned from" Deviation "(1967), Gerda from" With the Breath of Almonds "(1967), Tinka from" The Boy's Going Away "(1972) and many more.
    In addition to cinema, Nevena Kokanova has also starred in television series. Some of the better-known series are "Burn to Shine" (1976) with director Nedelcho Chernev, "Alone among the Wolves" (1979) with director Zako Heskia and "Home for Our Children" (1987) with director Nedelcho Chernev.
    In 1980, he made his film debut as the director of "The Three Deadly Sins." The film stars such names as Georgi Georgiev - Getz, Grigor Vachkov, Oleg Kovachev and Stoyan Gadev.
    The last movie he made was "The Canary Season" (1993), directed by Evgeny Mikhailov. It was filmed together with the young hopes of Bulgarian cinema at the time - Paraskeva Dzhukelova, Chocho Popyordanov, Nikolay Urumov and others.
    In one of her recent interviews, she gratefully shared about the luck she had: "I was busy and pretty. Roles that an actress could dream of ... Thank God I had many roles. And for me, too unique gestures were made, such as that of Blaga Dimitrova, who wrote "Deviation" especially for me, or of Kotsevo Pavlov, who made "Memories of the twin", again seeing me as the protagonist. rock in a creative biography - she admits and drops something offensively true - T when a person with pure impulses rushes to something, he always succeeds. "
    He has received many awards over the years. In 1976. has been honored by the Union of Bulgarian Film Makers with the Grand Prize "Golden Camera" for a significant contribution to Bulgarian cinema. In 1995, at the awards ceremony of the Union of Bulgarian Film Makers, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of cinema, she was awarded an award for overall creativity and outstanding contribution to Bulgarian film culture. In 1998-1999 he received the Award for Overall Creativity from the Union of Bulgarian Film Makers.

    Nevena Kokanova died on June 3, 2000, at the age of 61. Even after her death, she remains one of the most beloved Bulgarian actresses.

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