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    St. Mina

    On November 11, we honor St. Mina as the patron saint of the family. Its name means "moon, moon". Famous Wonderworker, protector of orphans and homeless people. St. Mina is considered the patron and protector of all folk healers, sorcerers, warriors, as well as people who have come a long way.
    St. Mina also protected women, so on this day they pray before the icon of the saint for the health of their children, for the joy and well-being of the home. Saint Mina was a soldier in Egypt. For his faith after the torture, he was stabbed with the sword in 296 by Diocletian and Maximian. He professed Christian faith and served in the army located in the Cotuan area under the command of Commander Firmilian. At that time the two wicked kings Diocletian and Maximian reigned together in Rome (284-305). They issued a decree to surrender to torture and to kill all Christians who did not worship idols.
    According to the ordinance, believers in Christ were everywhere forced to make idolatrous sacrifices. Then, blessed Mina, unwilling to watch this calamity and the worship of soulless idols, abandoned his military rank and retired to the mountains, to deserted places.
    He felt that it was better to live with the beasts than with people who did not know God. St. Mina wandered in the mountains and deserts for a long time, learning the Law of God, fasting and prayer purifying the soul. It's been a long time.

    St. Mina

    In folk tales, Saint Mina was the lord of the wolves that he had to release and collect. His feast marks the middle of the so-called Wolf Holidays - from Archangel to Christmas Covenant - the time during which wolves rage.
    Starting today, November 11, the Wolf Holidays begin, leading the longest nights. At that time, people were completing all the repairs that had begun, repairing fences and closing the gaps through which any evil forces could slip.

    St. Mina Monastery

    Today, the celebrations bearing the names: Victor, Victoria (means Latin winner) and Mincho, Minka.

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