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    The town of Silistra

    The town of Silistra
    Silistra is a town located on the right bank of the Danube. This city is the last city in Bulgaria on the border with Romania along the river. There is a customs checkpoint with Romania. The population of the city is just over 42 thousand people. The historical heritage of the city is interesting. It is one of the oldest cities in Bulgaria, founded in 169 by the Roman emperor Mark Aurelius. Previously, a Roman fort was located on the site of the city, the remains of which exist to this day. Here are burials and tombs dating from the fourth century.
    Silistra is one of the first cities in the country where Christianity originated and spread. Subsequently, Silistra became the center of preaching of the Christian religion in the country.

    The town of Silistra

    The modern city of Silistra is a port city of the Danube River, the cultural and commercial center of the region. It is connected by rail and road with the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, and the major cities of the country. There is a ferry across the Danube through which private cars, buses, trucks and various vehicles are transported to and from Romania. The ferry starts from Silistra via the Danube and approaches the territory of Romania in a place where the Romanian city of Calarasi is not far away. The distance to Silistra from Varna is 143 kilometers. There is a beautiful, well-maintained park with many different trees and flowers on the Danube shore. The park is built in the style of English parks, similar to natural pieces of forest. It's all about kids' entertainment, shady alleys with small gazebos and benches.

    The park

    The Danube enters the town of Silistra, as if bending from left to right and along the banks of Silistra it carries its waters directly. The width of the river is about two kilometers. It was interesting to walk the streets of this small but beautiful, ancient, comfortable town. I immediately felt the close presence of a neighboring country, Romania. There were many Romanians in the city. An exhibition for the sale of Bulgarian craftsmen was organized on the central pedestrian street, which not only showed their products but also showed a master class. Nearby is an exhibition of photographs of the city's transformation by years to the present.

    Danube River

    Near the town of Silistra is the lake Srebarna, which is part of the eponymous Bulgarian nature reserve. This reserve is located on the main bird flight route from Europe to Africa. About one hundred species of birds inhabit the lake, among which there are endangered species. Many birds (about 80 species) fly to the lake for winter. The lake is home to fish and amphibians. The lake is relatively small. It is "flooded" with silver on a moonlit night and that is probably why it is called Srebarna.

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