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    Bridge of Sighs - Venice

    This small, but picturesque Venetian bridge is so named for good reason - this interesting name, as always happens in such cases, related an old story.

    Venice - Bridge of Sighs

    This arched bridge spanned the canal Palace in XVII century by the famous Italian architect Antonio Conti. Outside the Bridge of Sighs in the style of the Baroque - carved decorations of white marble give the appearance of overweight and the monumental bridge some lightness and grace.

    Bridge of Sighs in the style of the Baroque

    But although at first glance at the bridge seems to be no in Venice better place for a romantic rendezvous - the name of his, he was quite different, quite cheerless reason ... The fact is that in the Middle Ages, this bridge links located in the Palace of the Doge's court to the prison, of musty basement where few people left alive, much less healthy, so many pass over this bridge inmates saw sunlight and breathed fresh air last time in his life. So it would be more correct to call it the Bridge of Sighs Farewell - such here "romance."
    On the Bridge of Sighs was held once famous Giacomo Casanova, who, unlike many, managed to escape from the grim Venetian prison.
    You can get inside the bridge again through the Doge's Palace, plus you can see and do within the prison held here excursions.
    And here is the same passage in the bridge on which the condemned were from the courtroom to prison.
    At the time, the Bridge of Sighs inspired many artists - for example, in the Tretyakov Gallery today is kept the same name painting Vrubel, written in 1894 while walking through Venice; mention of the bridge can also be found in the novel "Rendezvous" Edgar Allan Poe, and some researchers even believe that the model of the Bridge of Sighs was created through the arched passage in St. Petersburg, Winter Canal, connecting the Winter Palace and Hermitage buildings.
    By the way, another local legend says that lovers will be assured eternal love if at sunset kiss on a gondola under the bridge.

    Venice - Bridge of Sighs

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