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    King Shishman

    The end of the 14th century. Bulgarian kingdom was threatened by Turkish invaders.The Bulgarian throne in Turnovo is king Shishman. His father, John Alexander, had raised short-termism, divided the kingdom between his sons. Prenebregnatiyat older brother, consumed by hatred for him, sees no imminent danger of the kingdom. To avoid catastrophe, Shishman is ready to compromise. He became a vassal of Sultan Murad and his wife gives to her sister. This sacrifice does not save state.
    During the reign of Shishman battle takes place in Chernomen (September 26, 1371), which combined Christian forces suffered defeat by the Ottoman Turks.Immediately afterwards, Sultan Murad I draws hordes to Bulgaria and Ivan Shishman was forced to retreat behind the Balkan Mountains in northern Bulgaria.


    In 1393 huge hordes of invaders, led by the Sultan himself, besieged the town of Turnovo throne. After three months the capital was taken. Shishman retired and defended in the last fortress in Nikopol. It is believed that the fall of Turnovo was the end of the Bulgarian state, although the death of King Shishman two years later.

    There is hardly a ruler of medieval history, whose name is woven into so many legends and myths, as with King Shishman.

    Shishmanovo Kale

    Samokov near the ruins of the stick "Shishmanovo Kale" at the foot of "Mount Shishmanov." Among people from surrounding villages to tell stories and legends associated with King Shishman and his last days. Most springs, places, passes and peaks in this region have names associated with Shishman. According to the legends of King Shishman this place has stood for the last battle with the Turks. In fighting his burning head was cut, but because he was exceptionally strong physique continued to move forward several feet, waving their swords.
    The name of the village Kokalyane Sofia, according to local tradition, is in connection with the battles with the Turks and Shishman "bones" of his slain soldiers.

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