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    International Hugging Day

    Today, January 21, celebrate International Hugging Day!

    International Hugging Day

    Hug a person nearby, even if you are not so close. A hug is a symbol of warmth and friendship, gives trust and love. Chinese wisdom says: “We humans are born like angels with one wing. To take off, you need a hug ... "
    Hug not only today, but every day! Hug!
    We need four hugs daily to survive. We need eight hugs to keep fit. We need twelve hugs every day to grow ....
    Hugging is sensible. Hugs help the immune system, make you healthy, treat depression, reduce stress, help you fall asleep, inspire, rejuvenate, and have no side effects. In short, hugs are a magical cure. Hugs are quite natural - environmentally friendly, with natural sweetness, without pesticides, without preservatives, without artificial ingredients and are 100% guarantee of health. Hugs have no flaws. They do not have moving parts, do not have a battery that would be depleted, do not need preventive examinations, have low power consumption and high electrical performance, there is no inflation, you will not get fat from them, no monthly fees, no insurance, are protected from theft, are not taxed, there is no polluting effect and of course, with one hundred percent return.

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