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    The Rhodopes

    The Rhodopes
    The Rhodopes. Not in vain say this place is magical. The Rhodope Mountains are the most lyrical mountain in Bulgaria, combining a relief with soft oval outlines, the colorful "rugs" of nature, inspired by the architecture of picturesque villages, the hospitality of people and the legendary songs of Orpheus.
    Over 83% of the area is on Bulgarian territory, the other part is in Greece. It occupies the most southern part of the country and is a major mountain system in the Rila-Rhodope massif. Through its highest peak Golyam Perelik (2191 m) ranks 7th in height among the Bulgarian mountains.
    The Rhodopes have no clear relief. They represent a huge maze of hills of varying length, height and direction, separated by deep river valleys. The mountain has left a lasting impression on the historical development of the Bulgarian nation.
    Today's name has been preserved since the time of the legendary Orpheus. They called it Slavee's forests, and Dospadag, but these names were not necessary, but Rhodopi (Rhodopes) had reached us through the centuries.
    The origin and the meaning of that name have not yet been clarified. Some associate it with the ancient goddess Rhodope. Others believe it is made up of the words "ore" and "ropa" - a pit that is somewhat justified, since the mountain has been known since ancient times for ore extraction.

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