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    Dryanovo, The Revival Town

    Have you ever had to go somewhere and not be able to enjoy the view with which you surrounded? Old trees to be raised in front of you and down branches down to embrace you? Somewhere in the distance is heard the rattle of a lone woodpecker on the bark of the tree and the sounds are distributed in space?


    Shallow gorge winding mountain rivers, overgrown with forest ravines and framed by sheer cliffs sky be peaceful and dreamy world where dominates the whiteness of the limestone and flows into shades of green and blue? Bulgaria has many interesting places and they are not visible at first pogled.Much can be tell about Drjanovski region, but the narrative can never have the value of what they saw and experienced.


    Drjanovski region has a rich cultural and historical heritage and beautiful scenery. In Drianovo you can enjoy the magnificent works of the great master Koliu Fitcheto - the church "St. Nikola" monument, built in the middle of the XIX-th century bridge over the River Dryanovska, Ikonomova house, which is exposed to constant exposure over 150 icons Drjanovski region.


    Drjanovski monastery "St. Archangel Michael" that hides so much history in itself, was the scene of fighting with the Turkish army and the detachment of Bacho Kiro and Pop Hariton during the April uprising. The monastery is open and one of the first copies of Pisiy "Slav history."
    Bacho Kiro cave, where they found one of the oldest traces of life in the Balkans. Lit and accessible to tourists it reveals its endless galleries and corridors coupled with impressive rock formations. Museum exhibitions have kept some bits, history and art of the Renaissance masters from Drjanovski region.

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