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    What I want

    I have moments when I want to be alone on the Island. What I want is to no one, nothing .... I am zigzagging ...
    Of course I want to get away from everything around me. Since personalities of people with no personality of meaningless words of ridiculous events ... But what is this place you want to be?

    What I want

    The area of the island has two faces. On the one hand, the island is absolute seclusion and self-sufficiency. Land is not subject to extension, with unchanging boundaries, feeding itself, devouring itself. On the other, the island is the absolute openness - any time is a limit to everything.
    Pont, Road and comes from the same Indo-European root. Latin pons - too. Sea, road, bridge. The bridge is something that connects unrelated and non-contiguous in nature things. The island is a space that, contrary to the geometry borders on everything.
    Then there any sense what I want?

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