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    Have you ever thought?

    Ever wonder how many battles we have in our lives? The battle with yourself, with the past, with the future, with your ego, with your conscience, with your fear, with your heart, with your mind. With society, in our work, with our colleagues, with our bosses, with the employee we depend on. With the family, with the children we have decided we must act according to our laws. With a partner who is just like that and will never change. With parents who will also remain so, and countless people who will not live up to our expectations. Battle after battle!

    And have you ever thought that it is very easy to let everything go its course because you can't change it anyway. And it doesn't make sense, because if everything around you weren't that way and you were different, would you pay attention to just that?
    People, let's leave everything as is and let's enjoy the moment. And without anything, life is insultingly short!
    I look at my child's smile and tell myself how much I have to learn from you, I don't care what happened 5 minutes ago and what will happen after 5 more.
    If you are crying, crying, if you are hungry, eat, if you love, hug and kiss, if you are happy laugh !!!!!

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